When a customer purchases a product in any integrated sales channel, the order is automatically sent to Printify and then to your selected Print Provider according to your Order Approval Settings. When an order is sent to production, your Printify balance or credit card are charged right away. Your Printify balance is always charged before your connected credit card.


Printify cannot pull funds directly from your sales channel, therefore, when an order comes in to Printify from your sales platform, Printify charges your linked Credit Card or Printify Balance for the fulfillment price of the product and shipping charges. 

Order approval settings determine if you are charged for individual orders or for multiple orders collectively. 

How much?

The Cost of production is not the same as the product price listed in your store. The cost of production is not the same for all products. Products are priced differently according to product type, chosen Print Provider, and desired print areas. 

When you design a product, under Product Details you can find precise Product Fulfillment costs. This is the cost that Printify is going to charge you for fulfillment. Additionally, shipping costs will be deducted depending on Print Provider, customer location and product amount.

Moreover, you have the option to subscribe to our Business Account. Otherwise, Printify services are free of charge. 

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