An API token is required for apps that are not natively supported by Printify. If you're using our natively supported applications (like Shopify, Etsy etc.), you do not require an API token to integrate your store — instead, click here for our integration guides.

1. Navigate to “Connections” section in your Printify account.

2. In addition to being able to generate tokens, you will also see a field for providing a developer contact email.

We highly recommend that you provide something different from your regular Printify email address so that any associated communications aren’t lost and buried in your inbox.

Even better — if you have a dedicated person responsible for the application that uses Printify API, you can provide their contact email.

3. Click Generate. First, you’ll need to name the token. We suggest naming it in a way that is easy to remember and that explains which access scopes were selected for that token.

Next, select which access scopes will be assigned to that token and click Generate token.

You will be able to generate multiple tokens. Tokens can be set to have different access scopes.

4. Copy the generated token and save it.

  • Access tokens are valid for one year, they expire after that timeframe, and you will need to generate a new one to replace it.

  • If you lose your access token, you will also need to generate a new one.

  • For security purposes, this token will only be visible immediately after generating it. Please ensure that you store it in a secure location.

5. Now you can begin the integration process using Printify API. Click here to see the next steps of this process.

Here are a few pointers for successfully integrating with Printify API:

  • You can generate as many tokens as you need, as long as your total API requests don’t exceed the limits specified in our API Documentation.

  • Make yourself aware of our API Usage Guidelines.

  • Make sure your integration complies with our API Terms.

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