Printify is an online marketplace for print on demand (POD) drop-shipping. We partner with various print providers around the world to offer products that our users can customize with their own designs and sell on various channels, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, and eBay among others.

Printify, in contrast with other POD services, does not do any of the printing. Instead, it acts as an intermediary and offers the technological solution that allows linking your store to a vast network of print providers.

The key differences between Printify and other POD services are:

  • Printify doesn't print any of the products itself;

  • Due to having a global print provider network, Printify's product selection is much greater than that of competing POD services;

  • Printify offers very competitive product pricing - allowing for a greater profit margin for our merchants;

  • Printify offers a set of tools specifically created for your business to quickly adapt to uncertain situations.

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