The prices you see in the Printify catalog are wholesale prices. In addition to shipping charges, they make up the total cost merchants pay for a product. 

Here's an example.

Imagine you are selling this Bella Canvas Shirt (a merchant favorite!)

Currently, we provide four Print Providers in the United States, and one from Czech Republic, Germany, and the United Kingdom. These are all Print Providers that print on that shirt. 

As you can see, each provider has different base prices and other differences.

If you choose to sell with MyLocker, you would be starting with a base price of $9.87.

Clicking on the “shipping and more details” button underneath MyLocker will open up the following page where you can see the flat-rate shipping costs. (These are also available on our Shipping Rates page)

Assuming you would be shipping within the United States, your shipping cost for a single shirt would be $4.

That brings your total base price to $13.87 ($9.87 + $4)

Let's say you sell the shirt on your website for $25.

Your profit for a single shirt would be $11.13 ($25 - $13.87) a 45% profit margin. 

The profit you receive from your products is completely up to you - we recommend a minimum profit margin of 30% for your business to grow with Printify

Here are some things to consider when setting up prices for your products:

  • Who are your customers and how much are they willing to pay for your products?
  • What is the price for similar products on the market?
  • Do you offer free shipping? This could be a good sales trigger, and adding a little extra to the profit margin could cover that.
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