Printify currently offers more than 200 unique products for your e-commerce store — from t-shirts to puzzles to pet beds — all of which can be custom-printed with your chosen designs. Follow the steps below to get started and create your first product!

Step 1: Choose a product to sell

Choose a product from our catalog and select the most suitable print provider for your needs, based on location, color variants, available print areas or other criteria.

Step 2: Upload your design

Upload a high-resolution image of your desired artwork or design, taking into account the pixel requirements for each particular product.

You’ll find these requirements in the side panel of the Mockup Generator, as you click on Start designing.

See out our Design Guide for additional info.

Don’t have a design? You may want to check out the designs offered by Shutterstock.

Read more about Shutterstock integration here.

Step 3: Place and position your design

Adjust the size and placement of your design using the buttons. Use the side panel to select your preferred alignment.

Step 4: Choose your colors and sizes

Now, it’s time to choose the color options that you want to offer to your customers. Click on “All colors” menu and select the colors that you want to make available for this product. All available (in stock) sizes of the selected colors will be automatically added to your product.

To edit the product size availability and see the pricing, click on “Prices & variants” just above.

Click Preview to see a realistic mockup of the product once it’s printed. When you’re happy with it, click Save product.

Please note: The maximum number of product variants for one listing is 100.

Step 5: Edit your product details and prices

Once you’ve saved the product in Printify, click on Edit listing to adjust the product details, such as title, description, and price.

You’ll be able to preview the pricing of each product variant before you proceed to publish the product.

Cost — the Printify production price that you see in the Printify catalog. This is the amount that Printify will charge you to print the product (in addition to the shipping charges).

Retail price — this is the price that your store customers will pay for the product.

Profit — the amount that you will make from each sale (your retail price minus the Printify production price).

Profit margin — is the percentage of your retail price that is turned into profit.

You can adjust the retail price for all variants at once, or individually.

Step 6: Publish the product to your store

And voilà! Now you’ve finished creating the product, and you can choose to publish it to your ecommerce store and start selling immediately, or publish at a later time. It’s up to you!

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