When a customer purchases a product in any integrated sales channel, orders are automatically sent to Printify and then to your selected print provider according to your Order Approval Settings.

Printify will charge your linked credit/debit card or Printify balance for the wholesale price of the product and shipping charges.

It is worth noting that any funds that are available in your Printify balance will always be used first. In case these funds don't cover the order cost, the remaining sum will be charged from your linked credit/debit card.

Product prices are listed in our catalog. Please note that different colors and sizes of the same product may be priced differently.

Can Printify pull funds directly from my sales channel?

No, Printify is unable to pull funds directly from your sales channel, so there will be two separate transactions — the difference between them being your profit.

When a customer submits an order on your sales platform, you keep the full amount of the sale.

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