You’ll be able to publish your products

You’re able to create and save products even before you connect a sales channel to Printify. However, these products aren’t available for sale yet, since Printify doesn’t offer a storefront. The products will become available for purchase only after you have published them to your integrated sales channel.

Click here for our sales channel integration guides.

Orders will be imported and sent to production automatically

When a customer purchases a product in your integrated sales channel, orders automatically go to Printify. Then they are forwarded to your selected print provider according to your Order Approval Settings.

A note for Shopify users: Orders are imported to Printify automatically, as soon as they are received in Shopify. It is not necessary to click “Request fulfillment” in Shopify.

Your customers will automatically receive the tracking information

Once an order is marked as “Fulfilled” in Printify, the tracking information is automatically updated in your sales channel. This triggers a shipping notification from your sales channel, and your customer receives the tracking number in their inbox.

Please note: A few of our print providers don't offer tracked carrier services — more on that here.

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