Printify’s print provider partners are not all the same. Here are the ways in which they differ:

  • Location

  • Product price and the shipping rates

  • Available product models and color/size variants

  • Available print areas and their sizes

  • The Print Provider Ranking (reprint ratio, production speed)

  • Printing equipment and printing methods

Even if they are printing on the same garments and using the same print technology, each print provider will have performed their own unique tests to achieve the desired color output. 

How do I decide on which print provider to choose?

Consider these things when choosing a print provider for your products:

  1. Your required print area parameters, and product color availability

  2. The price point

  3. The Print Provider Ranking (reprint ratio, production speed)

  4. The expected location of your customer base — choosing a local print provider results in lower shipping costs and shorter delivery time.

If a product has multiple print provider options available, you can sort them based on different criteria:

Before selecting a print provider to work with, we recommend learning more about them here, as well as on their individual websites. To compare the shipping rates, please visit our Shipping Rates page.

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