You can use Printify without connecting a store — however, in that case, you will need to submit your customers’ orders manually in Printify.

Note that Printify does not provide a storefront that would be accessible to your customers, so you’ll most likely need to use one of the options described below.

Sell online on a platform that Printify integrates with

Printify offers integration with:

With these integrations, all order operations are automated, and you’ll only need to worry about selling and marketing your products.

Read our integration guides for each one of these sales channels here.

Sell online on another platform

You can still use Printify for your order fulfillment if you’re selling on a platform that Printify doesn’t integrate with, as long as it allows you to create product listings and collect payment from your customers.

All you need is an online store (or a store within a marketplace) where your customers will be able to see your products and purchase them. It should be noted that a simple domain won’t be enough, unless it has a shopping cart feature.

Depending on your chosen sales channel, your options are:

  • Use Order Desk, which is a third-party service that helps integrate Printify with various sales channels (integrations with Amazon Marketplace, Squarespace, Magento, Weebly, Ecwid and many more)

  • Import your store orders to Printify in bulk using a CSV file

  • Submit your customers’ orders manually in Printify (if using Big Cartel, Instagram, GoDaddy (the eCommerce plan))

To create product listings, you can use our Mockup Generator and save the mockup images to your computer, then manually upload them to your listings.

Sell already printed products in person or in a brick-and-mortar store

You may prefer to sell your custom-printed products in person, such as in a market, fair, or in your own brick-and-mortar store. This will be a great option if you already know that there will be demand for the product — then you can simply submit a manual order for larger quantities.

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