Considering that order import is automatic, it’s important to ensure that the product information in your store and in Printify matches, so that your customer receives exactly what they ordered.

Generally speaking, we recommend that you make any changes to the product in Printify and not in Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce or any other sales channel. That should be followed by republishing the product so that the changes are synced to your sales channel as well.

However, be aware that if you’ve made changes to the design, its placement, and/or the available color/size variants and click “Publish” as shown below, the entire product will be updated and overwritten.

What if I don’t want to overwrite all product details?

In case you have made some changes to the product in your sales channel — for example, you may have updated the product mockup images to custom product images — you can update the product details selectively:

That way, you can control what needs to be updated. Check the box only for those product details that you want to update:

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