Sales tax

At the moment, there is only one type of tax associated with using Printify - sales tax. Only those orders that are fulfilled and shipped within the US are subject to sales tax.

That said, this may also apply to you if you're an international seller using dropshipping for your business. We have prepared a comprehensive sales tax guide to help you learn more about your potential tax obligations.

As with all tax matters, we strongly recommend that you consult with a qualified tax professional to get specific advice for your business. You are responsible for understanding your tax obligations and for paying taxes on the profits you make, in your jurisdiction.

Side note

Printify offers a global network of print providers located in different countries. Although this doesn't concern you as a seller, it is important to be mindful of the fact that your customers may be required to pay a customs fee (tax) upon order delivery, in accordance with the local regulations of the destination country. The customer is responsible for any taxes that are to be paid upon delivery.

We recommend disclosing this information in your store so that your customers are informed of this possibility and the origin country of the products.

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