As a POD merchant with an online store, you most likely want to make your products available to as wide an audience as possible, irrespective of their location.

Luckily, our global network of print providers is able to ship to most countries. To make your international selling experience as smooth as possible, we’ve compiled a list of our recommendations.

Check which countries are enabled in your store shipping settings

By default, Printify products can be shipped to most countries. However, some eCommerce platforms don’t have international shipping enabled as the default option. If that’s the case, it means that no international customers will be able to check out in your store.

This is why we recommend checking your store shipping settings to see which countries are enabled, or enable additional countries. This can typically be done as you’re setting up your store shipping.

Ensure that you’re charging the right amount in shipping fees

You will want to not only enable the checkout process to your international customers, but also charge the full required shipping fee. Mismatched shipping rates in Printify and in your store are likely to result in a decreased profit margin for you.

Disclose the expected delivery timeframes

Consider creating a separate “Shipping and delivery” page within your store, where you can provide the international delivery timeframes and/or indicate the country of shipping origin. Alternatively, you could add this information to your store’s FAQ section.

Provide information about potential customs fees

Customs fees may be applicable if the order is being shipped internationally. We recommend that you disclose where the item will (or may) be shipped from, as well as mention the possibility of customs fees based on the customer’s delivery destination and the local regulations.

It’s a good idea to mention that the customer is responsible for any customs fees that an order may incur upon its arrival in the destination country.

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