The best thing about our print on demand service is the fact that your physical location doesn't matter. Printify's global network of print providers allows you the freedom to choose the print provider that is located the closest to your main customer base. This results in shorter delivery times and lower shipping costs for your customers.

While the majority of Printify's print provider partners are located in North America, there are several that are located in Europe, Australia and China.

Please visit our shipping rates page to see where our providers are located, as well as the shipping rates for each destination.

We urge you to look into the delivery times, shipping costs, and/or any applicable taxes, depending on which print provider or providers you're considering for your store. Make sure your customers are informed of the expected delivery times, in case the chosen print provider is located internationally.

Printify is always on the lookout for new print providers, and we welcome suggestions and recommendations from our merchants!

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