Taxes. Everyone charges them, but does anyone understand what we’re being charged for?

You may have some questions of your own when it comes to taxes and international fees regarding your brand new e-commerce store, and we’re here to hopefully help you better understand this topic.

Even Printify, as a company, must comply with the regulations and charge a VAT tax to its customers. We’re not thrilled, but our hands are tied. European Union (EU) regulations require Printify to collect Value Added Tax on orders produced/shipped within the EU. You can take a look at EU regulations here.

If you’re selling your products to customers within the EU, then VAT is obligatory. 

It’s possible to get a VAT Exemption, as long as you have a registered business in the EU and a valid VAT number. Send us your details to [email protected] and we’ll apply the exemption in our system. After applying for the exemption, the responsibility of charging your customers VAT will transfer to you. 

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