It’s not like we want to, but our hands are tied. European Union (EU) regulations require Printify to collect Value Added Tax on all orders produced and shipped within the EU.

So if you’re using any of our print providers to produce your products, and you’re selling them to customers within the EU, then VAT is obligatory.

However, it is possible to obtain a VAT Exemption. As long as you have a business registered in the EU and a valid VAT number, send your account details and VAT number to [email protected] and we’ll apply the exemption in our system.

Please note however, that after we apply the exemption, VAT responsibility will transfer to you and you will need to charge your customers VAT at checkout.

There are currently many options for registering and opening a business in the EU, even if you are located elsewhere. The most famous example is Estonian e-residency. Check out more details here:

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