Available Payment Methods

Printify has two payment options available. Merchants can either transfer a balance from a PayPal account, or they can add a single credit card to keep it on file for automated payments.

How to Add Your Payment Method

Your payment settings can be found by accessing the menu in the upper right hand corner of the Printify home screen. Select your preferred payment method to continue. 

If you are transferring from a PayPal account, after inputting the amount, PayPal will open in another browser tab.

If you have funds in your Printify balance and a linked credit card, Printify will always use the balance first. 

Final Thought

There is one key difference to consider between the two payment methods. When it comes to PayPal, automatic withdrawals are not possible, and the account balance would need a manual top-up from your side to pay for your orders.

For the credit card payment method, an automatic withdrawal is standard, and Printify will charge your account once an order is sent to production.

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