Bleeds are an essential term to understand when it comes to designing your products in our Mockup Generator. The term "bleeds" refers to the color bleeding from one area to another, usually unintentionally, and with almost always unpleasant results when it comes to your design.

For most of our products, we have a single template for multiple sizes, even though there may be different proportions. The bleed zone must be filled to ensure that there are no blank areas in your final product.
For pillows, bleeds are used to cover the inner seams. 

Take a look at this mockup template you may have seen on Printify before.

This is a mockup for a pillow, showing the top and the back end of the design. The dashed lines are responsible for outlining the area within which the design will be visible. In congruence, anything making its way outside of these lines will be bled into the seams of the pillow.

Understanding bleeds is crucial to maintaining a high quality standard for your design, and we encourage you to pay attention to these outlines to help keep your customers happy and satisfied.

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