When it comes to printing on non-DTG products, it’s important to understand the print area markings in order to position your design correctly within the print area and avoid issues with production.

However, we strongly recommend always covering the entire template area with your design to be on the safe side and avoid any unprinted areas.

In general, repetitive patterns work best with non-DTG products, as they allow a design to cover 100% of the template area by duplicating the file.

Safe area

Safe area is the area that is surrounded by a dashed line. All important design elements (such as text, for example) should be kept within this area.

Print area

Print area is the white area shown in the “editor” view of the Mockup Generator (colored green in the image below). Your design should fully cover these areas.

Bleed area

Bleed area is the gray area around the outside of the printable area. Avoid placing important elements (such as text) in the bleed area.

We strongly recommend covering 100% of the bleed area with your design. That being said, the full bleed area will unlikely be visible on the final product, as the material in this area is typically used for functional purposes (i.e., inner seams).

Please note: When it comes to our non-DTG products, you may want to adjust the file placement for each size variant separately, as the size of the print area is slightly different.

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