Product Templates

You can download templates for only a few specific products in the Printify catalog. A download button will appear next to the settings icon for all products with available templates. The Printify Mockup generator automatically adjusts your images to account for size and scaling.

Determining the correct image size and dimensions

When opening up each product in the product generator, you will see the recommended image size for that product. 

  1. Set your image size according to those dimensions.
  2. Export at 300 DPI
  3. Upload. 

Safe Areas and Bleeds

For "All Over Print" (AOP) and Cut and Sew Products, you will see a dotted line outlining the safe area and the bleed for each product. 

  1. Keep all critical design elements within the safe area. 
  2. Avoid placing important elements e.g text, to the bleeding area. 
  3. Ensure that you are uploading the proper image size for each print area.

Note: If you want to avoid white areas in your design, ensure you fill the areas outside of the dotted line as well. 

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