The print-on-demand service offered by Printify is entirely white-label - this means that Printify's name won't be mentioned anywhere in or on the package.

You might be interested to know that there are several ways of adding a more personalized touch to your products and orders.

A printed neck label

If you're selling t-shirts, it is possible to add branding to them by choosing a printed neck label (inner and outer). Currently, this option is available from these print providers:

A custom return address

Consider using your company address and phone number in the shipping label. Using a custom return address will give you full control over the shipping label.

By default, the order shipping label contains your store name and the return address. The address may be Printify's or the print provider's (depending on how the particular print provider handles returned orders).

However, Printify's name does not appear anywhere on the package or the shipping label.

Please note: If you're using a custom return address, you will need to handle your returns.

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