By subscribing to the Printify Premium Plan, you will receive up to a 20% discount on all Printify products, and a one time subscription bonus credit that gets applied to your Printify Balance. This credit will not repeat the following month, nor will it repeat if you unsubscribe and resubscribe.

The bonus credit will be applied to your next orders regardless of whether they are customer orders or sample orders.

Also, as a Printify Premium Subscriber, you will be able to run up to 10 stores at a time, in comparison to the 5 offered with our Free Plan.

Merchants are charged for the subscription fee immediately and the charges will auto-renew every month. To cancel your subscription, navigate to the My Account section of your settings by clicking on the dropdown in the upper right hand corner.

Please note that you must unsubscribe before the renewal date to avoid charges for the following month. Refunds will not be given.

We can only charge credit cards for Premium plan subscriptions and are unable to use your Printify balance.

Before you subscribe to the Premium plan, you are able to preview both prices. After subscribing, the Premium plan prices are applied automatically throughout the catalog, so it may seem like nothing has changed, however, all the prices that are visible from that point forward are with the Premium plan discount.

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