Imagine a scenario where you want to sell a t-shirt in both black and white colors with your company logo. The Printify Mockup Generator allows you to upload separate artwork for each product color variant so that you won’t need to create two different products.

This feature will also be very useful for our non-DTG products, such as posters and leggings, as it allows adjusting the file placement for each size variant separately.

Follow the steps below to change the design for specific color variants.

1. Open the product in the Mockup Generator. If you’re editing an existing product, click on Edit Design icon.

The default design (black logo in this example) is automatically applied to all color variants. You will need to edit the specific colors that need a different color design.

2. Select the required color, then click on Make a specific design for [color].

3. Delete the existing design.

4. Upload the new file from your computer or from your library. It will be applied to the chosen color variant only. You’ll notice a blue dot on each color variant that has been edited.

If you change your mind, simply click the undo arrow on the blue notification and the default design will be applied automatically.

Tip: To ensure consistency with the default design, check the new design size and positioning.

5. Click Save product to save the changes, and proceed with publishing (or republishing) it to your store!

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