There could be several reasons for not being able to log in to Printify. Let's go through our list to see which one applies to your situation.

  1. Lost Password

  2. Lost Email

  3. See a different shop after logging in?

  4. Technical Issues

Lost Password

If you have forgotten the password to your Printify account, you can reset it by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Log In page at Printify.

  2. Click “Forgot Password?”, enter your email address and click “Reset password”.
    This will send a password recovery email to your email address that you have indicated under your Log-In under the "Settings" section of your account.

  3. Next, go to your email inbox and find the Printify password reset email.

  4. Click the link in the email. A new Printify page will open where you will be able to set a new password. 
    Keep in mind that the password reset link is valid for 1 hour. In the case that the link has expired, please request a new one.

Lost Email

If you have also forgotten the email address associated with your Printify account, don’t fret! When you click “Forgot Password?” and are asked for your email address, you can enter any email address you use. If there is no Printify account associated with it, a message will appear saying that the email address is ‘invalid’ and you will be able to keep trying other email addresses. In case you created your account through an app like Shopify, then the email address is likely the same as the one you use for your Shopify account. 

However, if you are still not successful, get in touch with our support team by clicking on the chat bubble.

See a different shop after logging in?

If you log in but don’t see what you’re expecting (Business Account subscription, your created products, orders, etc.), you might be logged into the wrong account. Check whether you used the correct email address. 

Technical Issues

In the rare case you’re experiencing any technical problems when trying to log in, it is likely that it could be a browser issue.

In order to troubleshoot this issue, you should:

  1. Clear the cache and cookies of the browser you're using.

  2. Try using a different Internet browser - preferably Google Chrome.

  3. Try logging in from a different device.

If you need assistance with anything, feel free to reach out to us - simply click on the chat bubble to get in touch!

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