We have provided size charts for each product with specific measurements done by our Merchandise Team. To find a size chart for any product, simply go to our Product Catalog, click on a particular product from the catalog and scroll down.

As with any store, online or not, not all garments are the same. Some might run smaller or fit looser even if they’re the same size. So it's important to take a look at the sizing chart to understand how this particular garment will fit. Printify tries to note down where we know that a garment runs smaller than usual, but if you discover consistent sizing issues with a garment, let us know. 

What if the garment size differs from the size chart?

Even though Printify provides accurate measurements (both imperial and metric) for each garment size in the size chart, you may find that your particular garment differs slightly. It is a standard in the industry that garments sizes have something called tolerance. This means that the sizes can always run +/- 1 inch or +/- 2.5 cm.

However, if the received garment size deviation is more than that, please kindly get in touch with our support team.

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Adding a size chart to your product listing

You can add size charts for each product during the product creation process, or at a later time when you edit product details. Simply check the “Add size table to description” box as shown in the screenshot below:

Please kindly note that due to Etsy limitations, currently it's not possible to add size charts to Etsy store automatically. We recommend adding size charts in an image format manually. 

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