If you are experiencing any integration issues between the Printify app and your chosen sales channel, here you will be able to find steps that will help troubleshoot the issues and/or resolve them.

Make sure that you follow our integration guides

It is essential that you follow our step-by-step instructions for your respective store:

Reconnect your store

If you followed the integration guide and yet, the store has not been successfully integrated, then what we recommend doing is to simply reconnect your store.

Here’s how to disconnect a store from your Printify account:

Please note: It is not needed to click “Remove store”. Doing so will delete your products — if there are any.

Once disconnected, repeat the integration steps as per the instructions in our guides.

Please note: Do not disconnect your store if it was successfully connected previously, and you’re experiencing a technical issue at a later point. Please get in touch with our Merchant Support team by clicking on the chat bubble.

For WooCommerce users

Check if you meet the technical requirements for a successful integration with Printify:

  • WordPress: 5.5+

  • WooCommerce: 2.1

  • PHP: 5.4+ (7.4+ recommended)

  • POST, PUT, GET, DELETE methods must be enabled by the web-server

  • Working HTTP or HTTPS auth for WooCommerce API

In addition to not meeting the above requirements, here are some common reasons for a failed integration with WooCommerce:

  • The domain (URL) that you enter during the integration process must be the exact same as can be seen under your WordPress admin:

  • Security plugins can sometimes block requests from our API — if encountering issues with connecting or publishing, we advise temporarily disabling any security plugins.

  • As the last resort, we recommend disabling all non-WooCommerce/non-Printify plugins and retrying the integration process.

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