If you are experiencing any connection issues between the Printify app and your chosen sales channel, here you will be able to find steps that will help troubleshoot the issues and/or resolve them.

  1. First, make sure that you’ve followed our integration guides for your respective store: Shopify, Etsy, Woo, eBay, Wix, Prestashop. Integrations are a tricky thing, so sometimes a single mistake can cause the whole thing to fail. 
  2. If you did the connection process correctly, then what we suggest is to simply reconnect your store. This will resync both platforms in order to establish a successful connection. You will need to disconnect your store from the Printify app and after that, simply follow the connection process again. Here you can see two ways how to disconnect a store from your Printify account:              

If you already have a store that was successfully connected with the Printify app, but suddenly you experience some connection issues, it is possible there could be a deeper technical issue. We strongly advise not to disconnect and reconnect your store, since all of your published products will also unsync and it will interrupt automatic order fulfilment. The only way to resolve that would be to publish the unsynced products once again, which would create duplicate products. And if you're an Etsy store owner, it means that you will have to pay for all Printify product listings again.

If that's the case, here is what we suggest:

First, if a product is not syncing correctly to your sales channel, try republishing it. To do that, you need to hide the product from your store by clicking the ellipsis then “Hide on [store]” and then clicking “Show on [store]”. This will try to resync the product to your sales channel.

If the previous step does not resolve the problem, there might be a deeper technical issue that our Tech Team would be happy to assist with. Before you contact us, make sure to collect as much information as possible that could assist our Tech Team in resolving the issue faster. Make sure you describe the issue clearly, mention since when the issue is happening and specify the products that are affected.

For our WooCommerce users:

Due to the nature of WordPress sites and the fact that they run in numerous hosting environments, there are sometimes issues in connecting Printify app to your store. Basically, our app asks the server that your WooCommerce site is running on to use the REST API to check that we have permission to access the store data. If the server says our credentials are good, the velvet rope is lifted and we can successfully access your store data to publish products successfully.

Sometimes hosting servers are set up in a way that does not provide access for such actions very well, and unfortunately errors arise. Sadly, it’s not possible for us to test the REST API in every hosting environment, but hosts can usually provide specific information about the errors. We're always glad to support you if such issues arise.

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