You can use any currency within your sales platform, however, please note that Printify is only able to charge you in USD. If your bank account is set in any other currency, charges will be processed in accordance with the exchange rates provided by your bank.

Here is further information about the payment process.

How to use a different currency for your store products

1. Ensure that you have set your store currency settings to the currency that you want to use.

2. In Printify, create a product and set the retail price to be the final amount that you want it to be in the store currency.

For example, set it to 24.99 if you want to sell the product for 24.99 CAD.

3. Publish the product ignoring the “USD” that you see in Printify.

Please note: In this scenario, the profit margin shown in your Printify app will be calculated incorrectly because you will be charging your customers in another currency.

You will need to reconsider your shipping rates if you choose to use another currency in your store, as the Printify shipping rates are in USD.

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