Imagine a situation where your customer is located in the UK, but you have chosen a US print provider for your product fulfillment. If the same product has multiple print provider options, you may want to fulfill the order with a print provider that is located closest to the customer, as this will significantly shorten the delivery time and reduce the shipping costs for your customer.

It should be noted that Printify doesn’t automatically switch the print provider of the order to use the closest one to the customer’s location. However, you can use this workaround method to achieve the same result.

How to have two (or more) print providers for one listing

1. Our recommendation is to create two product listings — one for the US and one for Europe/UK (or another region). Choose a US-based print provider for the US product, UK-based print provider for the UK product.

Please note: Make sure that you choose the same garment colors/sizes for both print providers, and that they have the same print area as well.

That being said, you are not limited to having just two options. If the same product is offered in multiple locations, you may want to create separate ones for the US, Canada, Europe (and/or the UK).

2. Make sure that you leave the products unpublished, as shown below (use Save as draft).

3. Create a manual product listing on your sales channel (i.e., Shopify) with two variant options: color and size. Add the colors and sizes that you’ll be offering.

4. You’ll need to set up flat shipping rates (weight-based or price-based) for this product that you just created on your sales channel.

For example: if you have chosen the UK print provider T-Shirts and Sons for the “UK version” of the product, you would set the shipping at $5.50 for the first item (and $1.60 for each additional one) for the UK shipping zone — which is the domestic UK rate for t-shirts from this print provider.

Similarly, then do the same for the other shipping zone, using the chosen print provider’s rates. You can check all of our shipping rates for each print provider here.

Your customer will enter their delivery address and receive the corresponding shipping rate at your store checkout.

6. After you receive the order in your sales channel, you’ll need to create a manual order in Printify with one of the products you have created previously, depending on the shipping zone your customer has selected.

For example, create a manual order for the UK customer, selecting the “UK version” of the product (from the unpublished ones).

7. That’s it — when the manual order is sent to production, the rest of the process is automated!

It might take a little more time than when using automatic order syncing, however this way you can ensure the order will be fulfilled by the closest print provider.

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