The easiest way would be to determine your Print Provider by focusing on your main market. For example, if your customers are in the US, we would suggest choosing a US based Print Provider as the delivery times are way shorter to the US from domestic providers than from the UK. In case you wish to create products for each market, it will be best to create two listings - one for the US and one for Europe/UK

However, there is an option with which you can have two Print Providers for one listing. It would require manual work:

  1. Create two products on Printify with UK and US based Print Providers, please make sure that you choose the same garment colors/sizes for both Print Providers and they have the same print area as well.
  2. Do NOT to publish the products to your (Shopify/WooCommerce/Etsy) Store
  3. Create a manual listing on Shopify/WooCommerce/Etsy with three options (you can also mix them up):
  • Color
  • Size
  • Shipping zone

4. Add prices for the shipping per the location. For example, if you have chosen UK Print Provider T-Shirts and Sons, for UK you would add +$2.50 for the first item (+$1.30 for each additional one) - if customer has ordered a shirt or long sleeve. +$3.50 (+$1.90 for each additional one) - if customer has ordered sweatshirt/hoodie. You can check all of our shipping rates for each print provider here

5. With these three options you have set, your customer would have the exact shipping price for the corresponding Print Provider

6. After you receive the order, please place a manual order from your Printify Orders section with one of the products you have created previously depending on the Shipping zone your customer has selected.

7. When manual order is sent to production, the rest of the process is automated.

It might take little more time than having automatic order syncing, however this way you can ensure the order will be fulfilled from the closest Print Provider you have selected. 

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