In case your customer has received an incorrect or faulty product, we will be able to arrange a free replacement.

How to contact support about it

Please report the defective product by using the Order Issue Form. Navigate to Orders page in your Printify account. Click on the affected order, then scroll down and click on "Submit Issue":

Our team will do everything possible to correct the situation and provide the most suitable solution to you.

Please note that a free replacement is not offered in these cases:

  • Lost orders with an incorrect delivery address provided by your customer;
  • Products that were received as requested, however, your customer wishes to have another size/color instead;
  • Garments with minor size deviation from the size guide measurements (below 1");
  • Low-quality prints caused by a low-quality print file.

Lost Packages

In case the package has been lost, the first thing to do is to check whether the submitted address is 100% accurate. Even a single missing letter or number can cause a delivery failure.

If the address is correct, please make sure to contact the local post office (or advise the customer to do so). Occasionally we see that upon arriving at the destination city, the package is stored at the local post office and the recipient has to collect the package from there.

After both of these steps have been completed, please reach out to our support team by clicking on the chat bubble - we will investigate it further and offer a free replacement if we determine that there was no error on your (or your customer's) part.

Low-Quality Prints

It is your responsibility to ensure that the design meets the minimum image resolution criteria and follows the guidelines as described in our Design Guide. Unfortunately, if the print issue is caused by the design, a free replacement will not be applicable.

Bad odor

Please note that a faint odor is a natural occurrence in the DTG printing industry. Typically, the odor will be 100% gone after the first wash of the garment.

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