Sometimes our Print Providers may let us know that a particular product or a garment variant is out of stock permanently, temporarily, or that it will no longer be available after a certain time. In such cases, we remove these products/variants from our catalog. Below you will find more information on what you need to do in each situation.

If new product creation is discontinued

In order to ensure consistent product quality, we might temporarily disable new product creation due to production issues until they are resolved. In this situation, you do not need to remove/edit your existing products, as orders containing these products will continue to be fulfilled. In case you wish to create new products at this time, you will need to choose a different print provider. 

If new product creation is disabled due to foreseen discontinuation, you will need to migrate your products to a different print provider (if there are similar products offered by them). 

If a product is completely discontinued

In this situation you have to remove the product from your sales platform and choose a different print provider that sells the same product, or choose a different product all together.

  1. First, you should cancel all orders containing this product and refund your customers

  2. Inform your customers that the product is out of stock

  3. Remove the product from your store

Alternatively, you can create a new design with another print provider and place a manual order to your client's shipping address.  

We automatically cancel all orders for discontinued products and refund merchants accordingly.

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