When an item is ordered for the first time, it undergoes Quality Check before production.

At this stage, the files are automatically inspected to determine if they’re suitable for manufacturing. We want to make sure your customers receive high-quality prints that are perfectly aligned on a product. 

If any issues are found, we’ll notify you via email so that you can decide how to proceed. Also, in such a scenario, the order is put on hold for 1 week while we await your reply. 

If there’s no response, the order will either be canceled if it is suspected to be infringing someone's copyrights or automatically forwarded to production in all other cases. If the order was forwarded to production without your response, you will not be eligible for any replacements for low quality prints for orders of that item. 

The initial Quality Check stage shouldn’t take longer than 12 hours. When all is good-to-go, the status of your order will update automatically to “in production” under the “Orders” tab.

Items undergo Quality Check every time they’re updated. For example, if the design placement or the image itself has been changed.

Please note, even though we check the quality of your designs, you should still always make sure to check them yourself as well.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to spot the errors every time.

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