Whether you already have a Printify account or not, you may be asking yourself, “How do I connect my Etsy store to my Printify account?”.

Once you sign up for a Printify account and log in, you can link your Etsy store to Printify with a few clicks.

  1. First click on your account name at the top and select “Manage Stores”. Next, click “Add New Store” and then click “Connect” next to the Etsy logo. Here you will need to paste your store’s URL and click continue.  After that you will be asked to allow access. 
  2. Now that you’ve linked your store, you can automatically publish products to your Etsy store and manage all orders from within Printify’s app, including all orders, automated shipping and tracking information.

When you're ready to start publishing your products to Etsy, make sure to publish products one at a time in case an error occurs.

Here’s a video tutorial explaining how to link your Etsy Store with Printify:

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