Our print providers use several different types of packaging, selecting the most appropriate option based on the product type. Extra care is taken to ensure maximum protection of fragile products.

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Product packaging


High-quality poly-mailer bags, paper envelopes, or cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes.


Cardboard boxes with a plastic bag for extra protection of the product.


Waterproof poly-mailer bags are used for soft products, such as face masks or socks. If required, padded mailer bags are used for extra protection. Phone cases are shipped in padded envelopes or recyclable cardboard shippers.

Paper products

Posters and wall decals are protected with tissue paper and shipped in extra thick cardboard tubes.

Please note that there are two types of posters - Casual and Premium. Premium posters are shipped in cardboard tubes, however Casual posters are shipped in a flat cardboard boxes.

Framed posters will be packaged in protective cardboard boxes.

Home & Living

High-quality poly-mailer bags are used for soft products, while cardboard boxes may be used for larger orders. Products that require extra protection will be shipped in padded mailers or cardboard boxes.
Wall clocks are shipped in recycled cardboard boxes with bubble wrap surrounding the clock.


Depending on the chosen print provider, mugs will be packaged in durable polystyrene boxes or recyclable cardboard boxes with additional inserts for padding.

Please note: Actual product packaging may vary and is subject to change.

If you're interested in checking out the expected packaging in greater detail, navigate to our product catalog → choose a product → Shipping and more detailsPackaging.

Gift packaging

Gift packaging option is available for the following WOYC products:

The customer will be able to select the gift packaging option when selecting the product variant in your store. To make this option available, click on Edit design icon next to the product in My Store, then select all Gift packaging product variants, and republish the product.

The gift packaging costs an additional $2.17.

Unfortunately, at the moment gift messages are not supported and can't be included in the order. However, our team is working on ways to make this available in the future.

Label information

The shipping label specifies your store name and the return address. It is possible to set up a custom return address for your orders.

Printify's name does not appear anywhere on the package or the shipping label.

However, please note that there are a few print providers that don’t support custom shipping labels, therefore “Fulfillment Center” will be displayed on the shipping label instead of the store name. These print providers are:

  • ArtsAdd

  • Big Oven Tees (CA)

  • MWW on Demand

  • MyLocker

  • Print Geek

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