1. If you are using fixed Printify shipping rates from the Shipping Calculator.
    All you need to do is republish products for which shipping costs were changed. Please visit “My Store” section in Printify and republish the products by opening the “Product Designer” and pressing on the “Save and Continue” button. You can republish as many products as you wish at a time.

    Please remember, if you made any changes to your products from your Etsy side, after republishing, Printify system will overwrite all changes. In order to keep the information, please enter it directly in Printify.
  2. If you have custom shipping rates set up with Etsy.
    Please visit your “Shop Manager” in Etsy and choose “Listings”. From Listings, please choose a product which has to be edited and scroll down to the “Shipping” section, where you can edit the custom shipping rates

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