Digitization is a process of converting an artwork into a stitch file that an embroidery machine can sew on a garment. This process needs to take place before any design can be embroidered.

The digitization of your design is already included in the Printify product price — there is no additional cost.

When a product is ordered for the first time, the design will go through the digitization process. However, every next order will skip it, as the file will already be digitized and available in the print provider’s system for that particular product, as well as for any product of the same type.

Please note: If you use the same design for products that have a differently sized embroidery area, it will need to be digitized once more to fit the new embroidery area. This may result in minor discrepancies between the two outcomes.

The embroidery area is similarly sized for caps and beanies, whereas for apparel it is slightly bigger and the design would need to go thought the digitization process again.

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