The “Replace” feature allows you to migrate designs, descriptions, titles, and more from one product to another.

For example, you may switch the product from Bella + Canvas 3001 to Gildan 5000.

It is also possible to switch the print provider of a product. For example, you may switch the print provider from Duplium to Awkward Styles.

Please note: Due to differences in print area size and variants, some placement adjustments are likely necessary on your design for different colors and sizes.

However, when making these changes, the product URL and listing will remain the same on the sales channel side. Moreover, all SEO and product history will stay as is.

As an example, let’s say your product on Etsy was favorited by your customers. Upon switching the product or print provider in Printify, you won’t lose your favorites on Etsy.

How to replace (switch) a product or a print provider

1. Choose which product you wish to replace.

2. Choose what to replace (print provider or product).

3. You’ll see a warning message about possible discrepancies between the new and existing options. Click Proceed to continue with the changes.

Please note: You can’t undo changes after clicking Proceed; however, you can make further changes to the product.

4. Adjust the design positioning and the color/size variants of the product. Click Save product when done.

5. The previous product description and title will be saved, but can be updated if needed (you can also adjust the product price here).

6. Now, just publish the product, and you’re done!

A note for Etsy users: The “Create new shipping profile” box is automatically checked during the replace process. Please keep this in mind if you’re using custom shipping rates in Etsy. If so, you may want to select an existing shipping profile instead.

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