The Replace feature allows you to migrate designs, descriptions, titles from one product to another one. It is also now possible to switch Print Providers of a product, however, due to differences in print areas and variants, some adjustments will have to be made in positioning of the artwork, colors and sizes. 

The overall process is very easy:

1. Choose which product you wish to replace;

2. Choose what exactly you will replace - Print Provider or Product itself:

3. Edit the design positioning, variants if needed, prices and continue;
4. The previous product description and title will be saved, but please feel free to adjust and continue;
5. Publish the product and done! 

❗ Please be aware, replacing your product will overwrite existing product details and you cannot undo the process, only replace again. 

❗When you make the switch to a new Provider or product, your URL or listing won’t be changed from the Sales Channel side. Moreover, all SEO and product history will remain as it was. As an example, let’s say your product on Etsy was favorited by your customers. When making the switch, the product will remain favorited. 

❗Note, shipping settings will be overwritten in Etsy, so you will only have to reselect the shipping method there. 

❗When replacing the product, mockup images will have to be republished, otherwise, the product will lose connection with Printify.  

Video Recap

To see a quick recap of all the steps in video format, click on the thumbnail below:

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