Square or round stickers

  • We recommend covering the entire printing area with your design - unless you want to keep the white background. This way, you avoid any unprinted areas in the final product.

  • Make sure to keep important information within the safe area (area within the dashed line). Here there’s no risk of it being cropped. Anything outside this zone should be reserved for background colors.

Kiss-cut stickers

  • Make sure to use a PNG format file (with a transparent background).

  • Ensure that there is no residue or specks within the file. To see the final product, click Preview in the Mockup Generator.

  • Only one file can be uploaded, so if your design concept consists of multiple elements, they will need to be combined into one file prior to uploading.

  • If your design features elements that are far apart, these will be cut out as separate objects. To see how things turn out, click "Preview" in the Mockup Generator. From there, you can make adjustments if needed.

  • Avoid designs with negative spaces between elements. The lasers often won’t have enough accuracy to account for these details.

  • While you can achieve any shape you like with kiss-cut stickers, it’s important to remember is your design elements will be surrounded by either a white or transparent buffer area.
    Click "Preview" in the Mockup Generator to check whether the design elements are connected in order to avoid them being cut out as separate stickers (unless this is intentional).

Visit our Sticker & Magnet Guide for additional tips.

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