When it comes to small, low-cost items such as stickers, it often makes sense to offer product bundles to your customers. Similarly, it is quite common for sellers to offer bundles of a combination of products (for example, a mother and baby bundle).

Automatic fulfillment using a bundle app (for Shopify users only)

Bold Bundles is an app for Shopify — it’s a paid app, however, it will save you time if your order load is high. The plans start at 19.99 USD/month, with a free 14-day trial.

Manual fulfillment (applies to the entire store)

1. Make sure you set your order fulfillment settings to “Manual”. This means that you’ll need to manually approve each incoming order for it to go into production.

2. Create a product in Printify — indicate the number of items in the product title, for example, “Cat Stickers (10 pieces)”. Set a bundle retail price for the product, for example, 20 USD for 10 stickers.

3. Publish the product to your store.

4. When an order comes in, you’ll need to edit it in Printify and change the product quantity from 1 to the required amount before sending it to production.

If you want to sell bundles of a mixture of products, then in this step you’ll need to add the other bundle products to the Printify order.

5. Finally, you’ll need to manually send the order to production — that’s all there is to it!

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