Our Order Import feature allows you to manually import your store orders into Printify, even if they do not contain linked Printify products. These orders can be found in your “Other Orders” tab.

This feature will be especially useful for merchants who:

  • Migrate from other print-on-demand platforms

  • Offer personalized products

  • Offer product bundles

Please note: An order will also end up in this tab if the associated Printify product SKU number has been manually edited on the sales channel side, and thus, isn’t recognized by our system.

1. Navigate to your “Other Orders” tab, located next to “My Orders”. Here you’ll see all orders that you have received in your store that don’t contain any linked Printify products. Click on the order that you want to import.

2. Next, you’ll need to link the ordered product to a Printify product. Click Select product, then select the “Catalog” tab to choose the product, print provider, as well as other details to begin importing.

Alternatively, you can link it to an already created product from your “My Products” list.

Take extra care when selecting the correct product at this step, as you’ll want to match the product, its color, and size to the order.

If you’d like for this product variant to remain linked moving forward, check the box next to “Automatically import orders with this product variant”. It means that the same product variant will automatically go into production the next time it is ordered.

3. Now you’ll see the selected product in our Mockup Generator. Proceed to upload your design file and adjust the size and placement. Click Save product to proceed.

4. Click on the Import Order button in the upper-right corner to import the order into Printify.

5. Your imported order will now appear in the “My Orders” tab. To send it to production, click on the Submit Order button.

Unlinking the product

If you imported an order like those described above and checked the box “Automatically import orders with this product variant”, it means that the same product variant will automatically go into production the next time it is ordered in your store (in accordance with your Printify order approval settings).

However, in case you have made a mistake, or would like to change the connected product, you can unlink the existing product by clicking on the green icon as shown below. It means that going forward, the product won’t be connected to that SKU from your store anymore.

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