Whether you're migrating from other platforms or have custom orders in bulk, importing them to their new home can be complicated. To help, we made a feature simplifying this process.

The feature will enable you to import orders with different SKU numbers, when compared to those at Printify. The Order Import Feature is especially useful for merchants who offer personalized products or product bundles in their stores. If you are importing orders that are not in your store, the process is the same.

If importing orders already added to your store, an option to select them will appear:

To make use of our Order Import feature, follow the steps below:

Find "Other" Orders

  • Head over to the "Orders" page 
  • Click on the menu arrow next to the "My Orders" heading, and select "Other Orders"

Select an Order

  • Scroll through the list to find the order you wish to import

Set Preferences

  • Choose the product, Print Provider used, as well as other details to begin importing

Place your Design

  • Use our Mockup Generator to add your design to the garment

Import the order

  • When completed, click on the "Import Order" button in the upper right corner.

After Importing

  • Following the steps, your imported order will now appear in the "My Orders" screen. To send it to production, click on the "Submit Order" button.


Side Note

The products used in the imported order will appear in the "My Store" tab. We advise that you keep these products. If new custom orders for the same product are placed, the SKU number will be recognized, and you will not have to go through the process of choosing the product and print provider again. For these instances, the status on new orders will change to “Artwork needed” instead of “Not imported”. 

You also have the ability to replace a product linked to the particular variant in your listing by clicking the "Replace Product" button next time an order for this variant comes in.

For the future orders the previously related product will no longer be associated with the listing variant if the product has been replaced at some point.

Video Recap

To see everything we've covered here in a video, click on the thumbnail below:

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