For a Shopify user, the Printify Shipping Calculator is the least complicated and most efficient solution for charging your customers the correct shipping rates every time. This is because you don't need to set up shipping rates manually. Most importantly, it will automatically add Printify's flat rates to your customer's shopping cart.

You can enable the Printify Shipping Calculator if you have any of these:

  • Advanced Shopify plan
  • Carrier-Calculated shipping (you need to contact Shopify's Guru to set this up)
  • Annual Shopify payment plan (you need to contact Shopify's Guru to set this up)

You can set it up in your store settings.

More about Printify Shipping Calculator

The Printify Shipping Calculator will make your shipping experience more efficient because it will automatically add Printify's flat shipping rates during your customer's checkout. As a result, you won't need to create weight or price-based shipping tables in Shopify. 

If you also plan to sell products from other vendors, simply import or create your weight/price-based shipping settings in Printify. This will allow you to display both Printify's Shipping Calculator rates and rates from other vendors.

We created this workaround because Shopify doesn't allow you to have both Carrier Calculated rates and weight/price-based rates.

Please note that Printify live rates are only available to users with the Advanced Shopify plan, Carrier Calculated Rates in their monthly plan or the Annual Shopify plan.

How to set it up

1.  First of all, go to your Store Settings, and click on "Shipping Calculator". Then, check the box next to “Enable Printify shipping calculation for Shopify checkout”.

2.  Next, press the “Import Shopify zones” directly below that same check-box. 

This is a workaround we designed to allow you to use Printify live rates with products that are produced by other vendors. As a result, if your customer wants to purchase a product from Printify and a product from a different vendor, we will calculate the exact shipping rate from Printify together with the rate from other vendors. 

3.  The next step is to go to your Shopify shipping settings and delete all the zones you have as they are now available through Printify.

4.  Finally, create a new zone in the Shopify shipping settings with all of the 240 countries available and add Printify in Calculated Rates.

That's really all there is to it. All that's left is to enjoy the live flat rates.

Also, in case you need any help – feel free to get in touch by clicking on the chat bubble.

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