Step 1: Get the latest WooCommerce and Printify for WooCommerce plugin

Download, install and activate the latest free WooCommerce plugin for your Wordpress sites.
Download and install Printify for WooCommerce plugin.

Step 2: Enable the REST API for WooCommerce

Enable API access for your WooCommerce installation – API access is turned off by default.

  • From your WordPress Admin panel, open WooCommerce > Settings
  • Go to Advance > Legacy API tab and check the Enable the legacy REST API
  • Click Save changes

Note: REST API was found at WooCommerce > Settings > API prior WooCommerce 3.4.

Step 3: Check your WordPress permalink settings

To use the WooCommerce REST API WordPress permalink settings should be set to any other than Plain. 

  •  In your Wordpress Admin panel, open WooCommerce > Settings
  • Open Permalinks under Settings panel
  • Select any other option that Plain
  • Click Save changes

Step 4: Connect your WooCommerce store to Printify

In Printify, after you have selected WooCommerce as your sales channel to connect to, enter your WordPress site link.

Step 5: Live shipping rates calculation

Enable live shipping rate calculation for your customers on the checkout by downloading Printify plugin for your WooCommerce

  • Open WooCommerce > Settings in your WordPress Admin panel
  • Go to Shipping > Printify Shipping tab in Settings and check Enable this shipping method and Disable WooCommerce rates
  • Click Save changes and it's all set!

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