Successfully submitted

All orders submitted through API will have an “API” label in the order list:

Successfully submitted orders will move into “On hold” status, and after that, they will be sent to production according to your Order Approval settings.

“Sending to production” status

You could also encounter some orders that have a “Sending to production” status:

However, it will rarely happen. This status means that there are some background processes that are still running.

This usually takes only a few seconds, but could take up to a few minutes in case the submitted image for the order is a large file, or if the supplied image URL is not accessible while our system tries to download the image from it.

Image issues

Occasionally, you might also see that orders submitted through API encounter some issues, namely, image issues:

There are 2 possible reasons behind image issues:

  • We couldn’t download the image from the image URL supplied when the order was submitted.

  • The image was downloaded successfully, but it had a low resolution (less than 100 DPI).

In both cases, you can easily edit the products straight from the order details:


All products that are created through API during order submission follow the same naming convention:

  1. The product name always starts with an “API” prefix.

  2. After “API” follows the external order ID that was supplied during order submission (more in API Documentation).

  3. Lastly, the product title ends with the full customer name of that order.

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