When you sign up for an eBay account, there will be initial eBay selling limits put in place. These limits are set by eBay in order to ensure great service for buyers and prevent fraudulent activities.

The eBay limit for new Printify sellers is 10 items or a total retail value of $500. Each item is counted, including all size/color variants of a product.

To help you stay within your limits, our team has added them to your Printify account:

How can I increase my eBay selling limit?

eBay will review your account every month and adjust the limit automatically. Please note that Printify is unable to increase your eBay selling limit.

Your limit will be increased if your selling performance and sales metrics are strong. You can check your selling performance in eBay’s Seller Hub or in your eBay Seller Dashboard.

You can also request a higher limit increase by linking to your other, more established eBay seller account. Learn more about eBay selling limits here.

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