Our integration only works with the US marketplace ( If you have an account based in other marketplaces (, etc.), the integration will not work.

How to connect an eBay store

1. Enable eBay business policies for your eBay account. This is the first step in ensuring a successful store connection.

2. Navigate to Manage My Stores section that shows all your online stores set up on your Printify account. Click on the Add New Store.

3. A list of all Printify app integrations will pop up. Click Connect on the eBay option.

4. Next, add your eBay store name and click Connect.

5. After you click Connect, you will be redirected to the eBay website where you will be requested to grant access to Printify. Click I agree.

All set! Your eBay store should be connected at this point.

The Printify shipping rates will be assigned to products automatically.

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