Enable order routing

Our Order Routing feature will automatically route the order (or the particular product from the order) to another print provider for fulfillment, if the product is out of stock or discontinued by the original print provider.

  • If order routing was not enabled at the time and the order failed to be sent to production due to an out of stock/discontinued product, you can simply resend the order to production by clicking the Submit Order button next to the affected order once you’ve enabled routing.

  • If order routing is already enabled, but the order was not routed, it might be because there isn’t an alternative print provider with the required color and size variant within the price difference limit. Try increasing the price difference limit in your routing settings and then resend the order to production.

Edit the order manually

If routing is not an option or if you prefer to edit the order manually, you’ll need to create a duplicate product just for this order, and replace the product model or the print provider of that product.

1. Go to “My Store” and find the affected product that is out of stock/discontinued.

2. Click on Copy to create a duplicate of the product.

3. Click on the Additional options menu for the duplicated product and select “Replace”:

4. Choose the product or print provider that you want to use for this order:

5. You’ll see a notification about possible design adjustments you might need to make. Click Proceed and edit the design positioning and the product variant options, if necessary.

6. Make sure to save the duplicate product as a draft — do not publish it to your store.

7. Next, go back to the affected order and click on Edit order:

8. Delete the original out of stock item and click on “Add from created products”:

9. Select the duplicated product (refresh the page if you don’t see the product there).

10. Continue with the other steps, and lastly, click the Fulfill order button to send the order to production.

In case you’d like to permanently replace the product or the print provider for all upcoming orders, please visit this article.

Edit the order to remove the affected product

On the rare occasion when a unique product (the product has no similar alternatives) is discontinued, the affected product will need to be removed from the order. Consider using another fulfillment service to fulfill the order, if possible.

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