In case an item in the order is Discontinued, the order will be either canceled (if there is a single product in the order) or put on hold (if there are several products in the order).

You have the options to (1) either create a new product listing using a similar blank or (2) change the print provider for the existing listing.

1. If the order is cancelled, you place a new manual order containing a product that's available and manually provide tracking to your customer once it's fulfilled.

2. If there is a single product cancelled and the rest of the order is on hold, you can remove the affected item from the order, change the print provider (instructions below) and re-add the product to the order.

Out of Stock

Before canceling the Out Of Stock item or the whole order and refunding the customer, we suggest considering a replacement of your product or Print Provider to fulfill the order.

1. Go to “My Store” and choose which product you wish to replace.

2. Click on the “copy” icon for the particular product:

3. Click on the “Ellipsis” icon for the duplicated product and select “Replace”:

4. Choose the Product or Print Provider you want to replace:

5. If required – edit the design positioning, variants, prices and continue:

6. Save the product as a DRAFT to avoid publishing it to your store:

7. Go back to the affected order and click on “Edit Order”:

8. Delete the Out Of Stock item and click on “Add from created products”:

9. Select the duplicated product (refresh the page if you don't see the product).

10. Continue with the other steps and finally click on the “Fulfill order” button.

In case you wish to replace the product or Print Provider for all the upcoming orders, please read the “How to switch a Print Provider or product for an existing product” article as there are additional aspects you need to take into consideration when doing this.

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