Follow these steps to create your custom product with our free Printify Mockup Generator.

Mockup Generator Guide

Step 1

Log into your Printify account ❐ and choose the product you wish to customize.

Step 2

Click on the “Start Designing” button for your chosen print provider. 

Step 3 

Use the drag & drop function or upload your design by clicking "Add your Design" from your device.
It is also possible to add a custom text layer using our Text Editor.

For excellent print quality, make sure your image is of required dimensions and resolution indicated on the Design panel. An alert notification will appear if these requirements are not met.

Step 4

When your custom design is up, a ‘Positioner’ will appear for you to easily resize, rotate, align or delete the layer.

Step 5

By default, your design will be applied to the white color variant. Click on “All Colors” to view all variations available for the product.

  • When available, a download tab will appear for products that have AI and PSD templates.

Step 6

After you complete the design process, click on the preview button to see your design on different color variations in a realistic application. Select each color option to view. 

Step 7

The "Settings" menu shows you how many variations are available for the product and how many you have picked out. You can also see the print areas you have used. 

  • Choose the sizes you want for your products by checking them off in the settings. You can quickly view how much each item costs on the size menu.

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