You have just created your first design, and you’re ready to become the next icon in the world of entrepreneurs; but why is Amazon asking you for a GTIN?

“What in the world is a GTIN, and what does it have to do with me becoming a millionaire?” you may be asking.

Well, in short, if you’re using our Printify service there’s nothing to worry about.

GTIN is an acronym for a Global Trade Item Number, and it’s the way Gucci and all other well-known brand products can be recognized anywhere in the world; much like a SKU number you may be familiar with.

When it comes to the products designed with Printify, these items do not contain a global identifier, as these items are unique in their nature and an exception can be made to continue with Amazon.

Our Printify team is well aware of these regulations, and has prepared a special exemption form for your business.

You can get this form by contacting our support team.

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