Because our integration with Wix is so new, shipping rates for individual items are not available. However, we do have several workarounds you could use until Wix develops a more permanent solution.

The Easy Fix

This workaround will apply to you and your store if you’re selling from 1-3 items.

Essentially, the idea is to manually include each shipping cost within the retail price of your product. In other words, your products will appear as “Free Shipping”, because the shipping price will be included in the final amount the customer will be paying. You may do this for all your products, but remember to carefully inspect the location of the Print Provider, as well as their shipping rates. 

You can find more information on shipping rates by clicking here.

The Long-Term Fix

For those of you looking for a more long-term solution, start with your Wix account, and navigate over to the settings, then to the Store Shipping section.

Now that our shipping settings are open, you will have to create a "New Region" and include the countries you are looking to distribute your orders to. We recommend having at least two policies, one for domestic and one for international shipping, as these rates differ with our print Providers. 

You should see an option to change shipping based on rules such as Free Shipping, Flat Rate, Rate by Weight, and more.

Our workaround focuses on Rate by Weight. Using this method, you will be able to set a Flat Rate for items within a certain weight range. This will insure that each time an item within a certain weight range is ordered, an appropriate shipping cost will be charged from the customer. With Printify's integration, the product weights will automatically export to Wix from your Printify Account, once the product is published.

Now that your Shipping Settings are ready, all that's left is to start selling!

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